Monday, July 14, 2008


I think MoDo adequately captures the stench of the celebropoliticojourno wankery being lobbed at us from the media monkey house. Hell, her own body of work is a cornerstone of that lamentable field.

Once you pick your way through the opening belabored thicket of horticultural metaphor, it amazingly gets worse. And yet again, one fears that it's an increasingly accurate characterization both of the retarded political media and the goobers who, assuming the media is in fact market-driven, actually buy into this crap.

They appear genuinely affronted that Obama might, like every other politician in the history of the world, have an opportunistic streak. But they seem even more befuddled at his apparent idiosyncrasies with food and fastidiousness. Have we not just sat through eight years of a belligerent oaf with a clearly unearned Harvard MBA who would rather be fishing and eating PB&Js, or did I fucking dream it?

It's pretty simple: if the media are themselves cultivating this inane feedback loop of useless drivel, then they should be looking for a more honest trade to ply. On the other hand, if any substantial proportion of the electorate, given the direction this country has gone, seriously gives half a shit about Barack Obama not owning a pet or eating ice cream, then perhaps they deserve exactly what they get.

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Marius said...

While Rome burns, these people play their stupid fiddles.