Friday, July 04, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Off to the coast for the holiday weekend, to get a break from the smoky air, decompress, watch the ocean, check out the fireworks show (I can generally take or leave fireworks shows and such, but the one in Fort Bragg is really excellent) and hit the salmon feed, with all-you-can-drink Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Good times. Whether you're going somewhere or having one of these cool staycations the kids are talking about, have fun.


Marius said...

You too, guys. Y'all deserve a break in that there fiery California.

I wanted to go to Frisco for a do-over of my honeymoon (the one I had about a month ago, in Manhattan, was a disaster--a stomach bug ruined it entirely, goddammit). But flying has now become so damn expensive, you can't go anywhere. Time to bring them Zeppelins back, I guess.

Marius said...

Ah, and also: Jesse Helms died. His master Beelzebub decided he was more useful back at central HQ. To keep all those devils in line and such.

Heywood J. said...

Congrats on the nuptials, Marius. That sucks to have your honeymoon ruined by illness. Seems like a ride virtually anywhere in a zeppelin would be more romantic, so that may be worth holding out for.