Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Winamp Shuffle

Kevin Gilbert -- Suit Fugue
Cake -- Comfort Eagle
Hendrix -- Room Full of Mirrors
Montrose -- Space Station #5
Megadeth -- Looking Down the Cross
Jellyfish -- New Mistake
Queens of the Stone Age -- Go with the Flow
Voivod -- Sub-Effect
Van Halen -- Could This Be Magic?
Paul Gilbert -- Paul Vs. Godzilla
A Perfect Circle -- Gravity

1 comment:

thedevilzone said...

All right! It's been a while since I've participated in one of these.

Wake Up - Two (Halford's NIN-ish project)

We Go - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

Slippin' the Stealth - Goatsnake

The Journey - Fatboy Slim

Inner Flight - Primal Scream

Freezing Process - Quicksand

Fallen Angel - Elbow

Heart of Soul - Beth Orton

Stroke - Apocalyptica

White Light Generator - Ladytron