Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Never Were We Told That We'd Be Bought and Sold, We Were Innocent

This just in, newsophiles:  CNN common-tater Corey "Bitchez be trippin" Lewandowski still works for the Drumpf scampaign. So do lifelong ratfuckers Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Work rapist Roger Ailes is almost certainly advising Drumpf right now on how best to cold-cock Hillary at the debate next Monday.

Watching CNN honcho Jeff Sucker (aka Jeff Sugar, which is what "Zucker" means in the first place) try to lamely insist that Lewandowski isn't still on the Drumpf payroll just reminds me that Sucker lawn-darted NBC while Drumpf's bullshit tycoon shitshow was crapping up the people's airwaves. Sucker is the one who green-lit the show in the first place, in fact.

It gets worse, a lot worse. You will not be surprised at all to find that Drumpf and Sucker are thick as thieves. Sucker keeps a framed Drumpf tweet in his office, for starters. More concretely, Drumpf's "foundation" donated $150k of other people's money to the Manhattan prep school where both Sucker and Drumpf send their kids, and on whose board one Caryn Sucker just happened to sit. It really is a small world, after all.

(Which begs the question:  don't these prep schools charge enough to attend? One hears constantly about the tens of thousands of dollars per year -- tuition costs that rival many universities -- parents have to fork over to educate their primary and secondary grade level children. Why is it that they need to shake the tree further? Do these do-nothing douchebags not have quite enough tax write-offs?)

Something to keep in mind the next time Drumpf tries to pre-work the refs by whining that mean 'ol Andy Cooper won't give Drumpf, this good Christian man, a fair shake at his totally rigged debate.

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