Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The next time one of your conservative friends whines about the librul media in general, and NPR in particular, point them to Sarah McCammon's Twitter feed. They don't call 'em Nice Polite Republicans for nothin', you know.

Jesus, if you were to hire a Twitter PR flack, you couldn't do much better than this. It's just rote, uncritical transcribing of what Drumpf or his surrogates said, punctuated with "Yay, food!" nonsense. I guess Hillary needs to get snack bags or Lunchables for them or something for the plane ride.

For every David Fahrenthold that actually does his job, there's a dozen of these useless tools. Shame on them. Quit hurting America and go get a real job.

[via Balloon Juice]

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Fiddlin Bill said...

I clicked the McCammon link. Dear gawd.