Friday, September 02, 2016

Roger Ailes Is The White Bill Cosby, But Worse

You know, call me crazy, but I am (perhaps counterintuitively) less concerned about how Fixed Noise as a network and Roger Ailes as an individual have served as surrogates for the Drumpf scampaign. There are no surprises to be had there.

What is rather surprising, given the way Bill Cosby had his life and career pushed through a wood chipper with startling quickness, as the accusations accumulated past the point of disbelief, is how Ailes has so far not had to endure such scrutiny and universal ridicule. As the accusations against Ailes accumulate, one might expect the heat to turn up; while Ailes may not be a household name the way Cosby is, he's been the power behind the leading cable news network for two decades.

You may not know much about Roger Ailes, but regardless of your political viewpoint, you know far more than you need or want to about Fixed Noise.

So the lowdown on Cosby, in a nutshell, is this:  for decades, Cosby apparently seduced, drugged, and raped dozens of women, using his fame as leverage to either meet them straight up, or simply promise them non-existent jobs in order to get them into his hotel room, where he'd slip them the proverbial mickey.

Ailes, on the other hand, given the startling and disgusting consistency of the accounts, preferred his victims wide awake and cognizant of their humiliation. This was as quid pro quo casting-couch as it gets, and Ailes had a particular affinity for getting his victims on their knees to suck him off, either for the perverted "humiliation" aspect, or simply to drive the point home to these women that any advancement they received was at the behest of his tiny, wrinkled, old-man sausage.

No wonder he's serving as a flack for Drumpf, right?

Here's the thing:  it took some time to bring Cosby down, because he had built up decades of public goodwill as America's goofy uncle or whatever, and most people within a certain age spectrum (including yours truly) just didn't want to live in a world where Bill Cosby was a fucking rapist.

But Roger Ailes should enjoy no such gap of doubt. Check out their stories, sure. But so far, their stories seem to check out -- and additionally, what brought the real weight against Cosby was the sheer volume of accusations. I might doubt the word of a certifiable dingbat like Janice Dickinson, but near as I can tell, all 50 or so of Cosby's accusers are not Janice Dickinson. After a while, you have to figure at least some of these women are telling the truth, without malice or motive.

For the men out there -- we all have mothers, and many of us have wives and/or daughters. Imagine some Jabba the Hutt motherfucker telling your wife that if she likes her job, she better get on her knees and be sure to swallow. Sound good? Even if it happened to your wife before you got married, you're not going to be thrilled, even less so if she gave in and smoked Jabba's nasty pole for some bullshit job that probably wasn't there in the first place.

On the other hand, it's difficult to feel much pity or sympathy for the ones who either gave into Ailes' overtures, or (as Megyn Kelly apparently did) managed to schmooze him enough to not sleep with him, but still keep her job. And what job was that? In Kelly's case, it's been everything from infamously declaring to Sean "Fuckhead" Hannity that Jesus and Santa are white, to soft-pedaling Drumpf after he mansplained that her Aunt Flo was kicking in at a debate.

I have zero sympathy for people like Kelly or Gretchen Carlson, the latter of whom almost certainly wouldn't have said a fucking word if she had gotten the job she felt she was entitled to. (And I'm sorry, sweet cheeks, but if you were really Stanford and Oxford educated, you would not have to look up words such as "czar" and (hurrrr!) "ignoramus." I mean, give me a fuckin' break.) And Kelly was spurred to "step up" by craven opportunism; her "rematch" with Clownstick was a bust, and her dream (lulz) of being the next Baba Wawa is still on tragic hold. Oh noez! I have no respect for either of these people. They're fucking terrible human beings.

Fuck all of these kneepadded, starfucking clowns, may they choke on their own rotten ambition. But still, fuck Roger Ailes most of all, a guy who makes the now much-reviled Cosby look like a rank amateur. He's a rapist and a pimp, and should be referred to and treated as such. The fact that he now acts as an advisor to the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America ought to give one further pause.

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