Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reality Bites

Credit where it's due -- at long last the major media outlets are not only fact-checking this chronically LYING motherfucker, but they've independently (unless, you know, they were fed oppo research, which is just fine) compiled lists of the past week, events in which this asshole has completely fabricated something and tried to pass it off as fact.

The Washington Post has been better about this sort of thing than the NY Times has, but both have been remiss in phrasing Drumpf's verbal transgressions in appropriately stark -- that is to say, honest -- terms. Considering the passes Drumpf has been given on virtually every issue and event, it is a welcome change of pace. Hopefully it's not too little, too late.

As the most worrisome trend is the flock more than the shepherd, the hope is that the remaining people who are still inexplicably on the fence with this will get off their not-so-high horses and at least vote to stop a complete whackjob. At least some part of that is predicated on journamalists actually doing their job, and not just tweeting bullshit like "Yay, cobbler!" or "Snacks are great!"

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