Sunday, September 18, 2016

No Cure For Cancer

A big part of the reason the media have dropped the ball so badly in this season's scampaign coverage is that they were wholly unprepared for the brazen, in-your-face, sky-is-purple-and-water-is-orange ability of Drumpf and his surrogates to LIE when questioned or interviewed. This is understandable, up to a certain point, a point which I think most of us can agree was passed long ago.

Journamalists seem to value access and availability more than anything. And of course these scumbags are available to flood the zone with their LIES anytime, anywhere. It's not like Chris Christie or Hunchback Giuliani were needed somewhere else; neither one has any other function anymore but to serve their dark orange master.

So it's up to the journos themselves to decide that if they're going to let these fuckers on their shows to try to legitimize their LIES, they have a responsibility to call them as such, and in fact to reach a point where, if the person they're interviewing is refusing to be truthful with them, then that person has no value to add to the exercise, even as pure kabuki theater (which of course most of this is anyway).

The way these people preen and lecture about the sanctity of their profession, you'd think they'd have more respect for it themselves. I can't respect someone who has LIARS on their teevee show to LIE to me and everyone else, and who then acts like they're upholding some sacred trust by letting these scumbags talk on at length, spreading their FUCKING LIES virtually uncontested.

I don't want Jake Tapper gently challenging Fatboy Christie on his LYING; I want Tapper to give him a chance or two to come clean, and then to say, You know, if we can't agree on basic, verifiable, empirical facts to discuss, then we're done here. We might as well just move on to the fucking farm report. I have better things to do than to serve as a scampaign megaphone for you soulless, LYING fucks. Okay? That's a public service. That's upholding the public trust.

The journos try to excuse their gutless, enabling behavior, saying they have a professional responsibility to air both sides of these issues. But there are not two sides to every issue. Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign did not start the birther issue, that does not explain why Drumpf took it up in 2011 anyway. He did not end it in 2011, he started it then, and continued his rotten insinuations in his Twitter feed right up to last year, right before he descended that goddamned escalator. When he and his surrogates say anything other than those FACTS, they are LYING. See how easy that is?

Facts do not have "sides." Things are either true or false. These people are trafficking strictly in falsehoods. They do this because -- as we keep saying -- they understand how media weasels perceive themselves, and therefore they understand how to manipulate them. They know that these careerist dim-bulbs with their franchise shows want above all else to preserve the veneer of seriousness and decorum. They all think they're Mike Wallace, but none of them actually have the balls to call bullshit. The Drumpfsters know this, and have played it very effectively. They know that to their base, it makes them look defiant, and it makes their media interrogator look weak.

Maybe the media weasels need someone to tell them specifically that they have no ethical or professional obligation to sit there and let people flood the zone and LIE to them, that they can end the interviews, that they don't need to have them on in the first place.

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