Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The God Deception

If political god-botherers wonder why no one outside their own circles take them seriously, Roy hits it on the head. They prattle on about "principles" and "testifying" and "bearing witness" and all that bullshit, while they connive and contrive ways to conceal their support for someone who routinely bears false witness against others, is on trial for fraud, has bragged about his adulterous behavior, and lives a life entirely based on covetousness, thus violating five of the ten commandments they supposedly revere.

The most off-putting thing about self-styled "moral majority" Christian conservatives is how convinced they are of their own righteousness, of how much better they and their bullshit principles are than we worldly secular types. Well, bunky, you're a liar, and a pretty fuckin' bad one at that, if you can support a candidate whose entire adult life is characterized by some of the most un-Christian behavior imaginable. We'd all be better off if you just came clean and admitted that you're full of shit, that your principles are empty and meaningless.

But then, it was always a lie. These are people who have spent the last generation or two lining up for transparent charlatans like Marion "Pat" Robertson and Jerry Falwell. The only consolation is knowing that these suckers keep giving money to the hucksters in exchange for a salvation that will never come. If there was a god, they'd have been fried by divine lightning years ago.

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