Saturday, September 03, 2016

See You Next Tuesday, Slight Return

Oh, the hilarity. Just another reminder that when you're crushing Drumpf and his idiot "working class" doofuses, you're also crushing these useless cunts. It is only partially gratifying to know that the work they've had done makes them even homelier than they probably were in the first place, and that they'll probably die with some Brazilian pool boy's jism in their throats.

These dingbats and their fucked-up faces can't die soon enough. They all have the same doll-from-hell-cheeked, cat-eyed look, like something out of a bad horror movie about evil ventriloquist dolls. They serve no purpose, except as alligator food at Drumpf's club for Florida shitheads.

Oh, and fuck Pat Boone as well, a completely overrated and useless person who is rolling with these unproductive cows. Boone is known as a "singer," and trust me, you do not know a single Pat Boone song worth knowing. Although from the photo, it is good to see that this motherless fuck is aging hard. With any luck, "Pat" Boone won't be cluttering up the planet for too much longer.

In a more just world, the day after the elections, the mansions these useless turds fester in would be repossessed and given to homeless families or some such. There would be no net differential, just a reduction in the number of these impossibly awful human beings.

Drumpf got them that room at his country club that they really really needed at the last minute, so he's a Guy Who Gets Shit Done. I mean, it's tough not to be embarrassed for them, even without considering the fact that none of them have done anything at all for decades.

I'm not kidding. Who the fuck is Ann Turkel? I vaguely remember her trying to compete with Cheryl Tiegs back in the late '70s for best cheesecake poster for teenage kids (like myself) to jerk off to. I googled her. She's looked like shit for a very long time. I wouldn't fuck her (or any of the rest of these desperate houseflies) with your dick.

Turkel and the rest of them look fucking hideous and over-worked-on, instead of like normal seventy-year-old women. Maybe that's the just punishment for all these botoxed pigs, to fade into senescence looking like startled cats, wondering why no one ever took them seriously. Fuck off and die already, before we break out the guillotines and the blades degrade on all the plastic injected into your fucking turkey necks.

While we're at it, fuck Gennifer Flowers and her husband too.

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