Saturday, July 23, 2005

Don't Hate The Playa, Hate the Game

Ya gotta love the quickness with which the usual congressional grandstanders hoped on their high horse when it was revealed that the ultra-violent video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas also had hidden sexual content. See, because as bad as pretending to run over people and bust a cap in they ass is, poorly-animated nookie is much worse.

Um, Congress, can I introduce you to the internets? The internets, this is Congress. At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, it is impossibly easy to find real graphic sexual content, for free, much easier than loading a mod and using it. I guarantee you, the GTA porn mod something a kid will only use twice -- once to see if it can be done, and once to show a friend. "Yeah, that's pretty cool."

Then they'll go back to downloading free porn. I guarantee you, if the internets had been around when I was 15, I'd have only come out of my room for more beef jerky and Mountain Dew, to power up for the next "session".

Analysts and even executives from competing companies said they did not expect the game's popularity to falter even if some retailers took it off shelves permanently. Over all, the "Grand Theft Auto" series has sold more than 21 million games, making it the best-selling game on record. The problem with the San Andreas version emerged in recent weeks after game enthusiasts discovered a hidden scene in which the player can have simulated sex with a naked woman. The scene was apparently hidden in the game by its creators, working for Rockstar Games, which is owned by Take-Two. The scene is viewable by players only after they install a modification program into their game consoles.

Ah, but at least our elected representatives get to look they're doing something. Hey, how about taking advantage of a corrupt administration on the ropes, and fucking finish them off already, before wasting time on video games?

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