Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

It's not exactly breaking news at this point, but our thoughts are certainly with our British friends at this time. I enjoyed a week or so of pub-crawling across Wales and England in 1991, and wouldn't mind doing so again someday; the Welsh and English are excellent drinking buddies. And despite Jacques Chirac's critiques, I had the best fish I've ever had in my life in a little restaurant near the docks of Dover. There's more to eat than black pudding and steak-and-kidney pie in England.

Anyway, I really don't feel much like commenting, speculating, or prognosticating on the London terrorist attack at this point, and certainly not politicizing it just yet. Time enough for that after the dust settles a bit.

However, the always execrable Brit Hume wasted no time in hitting a new low on the snake-belly Faux News:

During Fox News' coverage of the July 7 London bombings, Washington managing editor Brit Hume told host Shepard Smith that his "first thought," when he "heard there had been this attack" and saw the low futures market, was "Hmmm, time to buy." Smith had asked Hume to comment on the lack of a negative U.S. stock market reaction to the London attacks.

Nice, huh? No doubt there'll be some mealy-mouthed politically correct apology forthcoming, if it hasn't already. But that's a hard bell to unring, Brit.

A meaner person might see fit to remind folks of the gay affair rumors swirling around Brit's son Sandy and Buffalo congressman Bill Paxon (of the Rock Hudson marriage to Staten Island Susie Molinari). Sandy Hume killed himself, and Paxon resigned from an occupation which virtually no one besides 80-year-olds and Joe Scarborough (hint: google "Lori Klausutis") resigns from.

But only a real asshole would remind a fine humanitarian like Brit Hume of something awful like that.

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