Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Last Throe Update

Really, they're almost done for. This is their very last gasp -- or perhaps, the penultimate gasp. Who can tell? Certainly not those whom pretend to be in the know. Rummy? Dickie? Shrubbie? Niedermeyer? Bueller? Anyone?

Twelve employees of a government-run company were gunned down in buses on their way home from work today near the Abu Ghraib prison, an interior ministry official said, while a group linked with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi released a videotape of two kidnapped Algerian diplomats and threatened to kill them.

Welcome to civil war, folks. Do we step aside and play matador, or do we bolster the steely resolve and Hungry Man demeanor our preznit demands of us, though he himself cannot even ride a bicycle, nor has he asked for even the simplest of, for example, gas rationing from us.


Craig Heath said...

I'm paraphrasing, but Robert McNamara says in Fog of War that, when me met with former Vietnamese officials in 1998, one of them told him something like:

You thought you could eventually win. We were fighting for our homes. We would have fought to the last.

That "Last Throe"? It's the last Iraqi. When you kill him or her, then it's over.

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