Saturday, July 30, 2005


Surely no one is surprised in the least that Bush is going to make John Bolton a recess appointment.

President Bush will sidestep Democratic opposition to his nomination of John R. Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations by making a recess appointment not subject to Senate confirmation, a senior administration official said Friday.

You know what? I fucking bet even money that that anonymous "senior administration official" is Karl Rove. And if so, that should tell you everything you need to know about these gutless fucks that litter the press pool. Even if it isn't Rove or one of his minions, have they not yet learned their lesson about letting government officials leak talking points under the protection of anonymity?

Given the degree of the offense and the subsequent cover-up, we can cut Woodward and Bernstein some slack for the anonymous revelations of Deep Throat. But this? After knowing what we know about these animals? What the fucking fuck is wrong with these so-called "journalists"? Quit giving these anonymous cocksuckers a cushy soapbox from which to propel their destructive agenda. Give them their platform, and make them publicly defend it. You want this incompetent psychopath Bolton to be the public face of the United States at the United Nations, Fucko? Then step up and say so -- and more importantly, explain exactly why it's so fucking important that you simply must circumvent the usual advise-and-consent channels for such important appointments.

Put simply, the reason these assholes keep getting away with their corrupt bullshit is because they have two sets of enablers. One of these sets is the "free press", who sit and wonder why reg'lar Americans despise their profession, even as they undermine their own credibility with each step they take, each anonymous asshole they source.

The other set of enablers, obviously, is the Democrats, and if this imminent move doesn't illuminate them as to exactly what these people think of them, nothing will. The next Democrat that talks about wanting to "work with" this administration (and five'll getcha ten it'll be either "Joementum" Lieberman or DiFi) needs to be fucking targeted for replacement by the Democratic Party. I am not bullshitting here; that is exactly what the Democrats need to do.

Howard Dean needs to use this congressional recess to get a strategy together to start circling the wagons, instead of continuing to function as a circular firing squad. (At least they got the "circle" part right.) This simply will not stand anymore -- the administration has made it abundantly clear that it is not interested in discussing facts, debating ideas, or anything beside rubber-stamping whatever it has already decided. Either the Democrats make the commitment to function as an opposition party, decide on a strategy, and take their game to the Republicans and the American public, or they prepare for obsolescence. There really is no middle path anymore.

Dean needs to issue edicts from on high, as to what the party's strategy will be, and that everyone is expected to stick to the script. Period. This cat-herding shit has got to end, or gutless compromising fucks like Joementum will eviscerate what's left of the party. They should be making sure that every American has heard about Jean Schmitt disrespecting and downplaying Paul Hackett's military service. They should be repeating as much as possible that Karl Rove is a fucking traitor, and ought to be hung from the nearest lamp-post (or at least serve his 150-pounds-of-chewed-bubblegum ass up to his cell block in Club Fed for the next decade).

This is not "choice" anymore, motherfuckers, this is all, as in all or nothing. The Democrats performed admirably in the face of Bush's treacherous, lying assault on Social Security -- why can they not do this on every issue? Make 'em waste precious energy explaining to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients why frozen zygotes have more rights than they do; make 'em expend themselves in their endless circumlocutions how Karl Rove was just trying to help Matt Cooper with his article, or how Valerie Plame is really Jane Fonda -- despite fellow registered Republican CIA agents stepping forward to defend her status. Every step of the way, the Republicans should be forced to explain why they do what they do and say what they say. Somebody's fucking lying about the Rove/Plame affair, and heat should be applied to the right spot to make them give it up.

I understand that most of the Democrats, especially the senators, are careerists more concerned with looking over their shoulders and watching their backs than just pressing forward with what's right. I understand it, but I don't fucking care. Enough is enough. This is like watching an endless boxing match where one guy has inexplicably volunteered to tie one hand behind his back, and only punch above the belt with his remaining hand, while the other guy repeatedly kicks him in the nuts and belts him upside the head.

This is fucking bullshit, and it is so much bigger than whether you senators get your cushy sinecure from MBNA after you retire. This is our fucking lives, you assholes, and the very soul of the nation, and we're fucking tired of watching you act like you'd just settle for beating Super Nanny for time-slot ratings.

Ahem. Back to our article.

The appointment, which is likely to further roil relations with congressional Democrats, will be announced before the president leaves Washington on Tuesday for a five-week working vacation at his Texas ranch, said the official, who requested anonymity because Bush had not yet publicly disclosed his intentions.

The president was expected to proceed despite the disclosure that Bolton had made a false statement to a Senate committee. Democrats made a fresh appeal Friday that Bush not bypass the confirmation process by using his power to appoint Bolton during the monthlong congressional recess that starts this weekend.

The White House and State Department said the incorrect information Bolton submitted to lawmakers was an unintentional mistake. They emphasized the need to send him to the United Nations before the world body began its annual deliberations Sept. 14.


On a routine, sworn questionnaire that the Senate committee requires of nominees, Bolton answered "no" when asked whether he had been interviewed by an inspector general of a government agency or a grand jury during the past five years.

On Thursday, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying he had learned that Bolton, the former undersecretary of State for arms control, had been interviewed during that five-year period by the inspectors general of the State Department and the CIA.

The interviews were connected to efforts by the two agencies to determine how assertions that Iraq sought to purchase uranium from Niger had found their way into the president's 2003 State of the Union address.

The State Department responded to Biden with a letter saying Bolton did not recall being interviewed by its inspector general's office. It said that after checking records, the department determined Bolton was interviewed on July 18, 2003, about the Niger uranium issue.

Uh, yeahhhhh. He forgot that he'd been interviewed by inspectors general from two different agencies. Could happen to anybody, right?

I expect the Democrats to fight this bullshit tooth and nail. In the event of Bolton's eventual ascendance to the post via recess appointment, I not only expect said Democrats to make the man's life miserable, I also expect them to start closing ranks on fucking everything.

Most of all, I expect them to set their precious future motivational-speaker careers aside for the nonce and get with the fucking program. I expect them to realize that their "colleagues" across the aisle have made it perfectly clear that they are enemies, and as such, deserve no quarter.

None asked, none taken. You are my representatives, motherfuckers, and I expect you to act accordingly. Failing that, I will make to sure to register my disapproval at the voting booth, and get the word out early and often across the internets. Capisce?

In addition to the idiots in the media and the collaborators in the Democratic Party, there actually is a third set of enablers in all this, and that's the American people. It's the idiots who, even with two simultaneous wars going, increasing gas prices, and full knowledge that the gas situation is never going to get better, refuse to do their part by economizing their consumption patterns. It's the morons who are seriously more concerned about homosexuals formalizing their existing commitments, than they are about securing our ports and doing more about homeland security than just feel-good make-work.

It's the assholes who think that a good way to measure a candidate's fitness for office is to guess whether or not they might be a fun person to have a beer with, as if that were a criterion for anything besides having a goddamned beer. It's the retards who think that drug addict Rush Limbaugh is giving them the honest truth, rather than a heavily-skewed (and hallucinatory) vision of the real world.

It's the fucking halfwits that seriously think that a prep-schooled Ivy Leaguer is "one o' them", and that that's reason enough to "trust" him, even though he hasn't been able to keep his story straight about much of anything more than a couple days in a row at a time, and refuses to have an honest discussion with anyone about anything in an open forum.

It's the vile buffoons who thought that sticking fake bandaids on their chins, mocking actual combat veterans, was a legitimate form of political protest, as well as a show of support for their draft-dodging presidential ticket. It's the hopeless dipshits that think that uncivilized and vicious behavior is not only not inflammatory and dangerous to the troops still in harm's way, but acceptable.

It's the gutless hypocrites who are perfectly happy to send everyone else's sons and neighbors over to fight their war for them, and then do absolutely nothing to help in the proclaimed cause. It's the creepy cocksuckers who post stupid shit on their stupid blogs about how George W. Bush is some sort of misunderstood genius, and it's the fucking brain-slaves that read such nonsense and take it seriously.

It's the people who allow the press -- which, after all, works in a free-market paradigm and is thus by definition giving at least a plurality of people what they want -- to keep feeding us pablum, because they keep watching said pablum. It's the people who have absolved their sacred duty entrusted to them by the people who founded this nation of ours, who read a newspaper once a month but never miss an episode of American Idle (intentional orthography) -- and then compound the matter by legislating their deliberate ignorance at the damned voting booth. It's the jerkoffs who allow their politicians to get away with giving the people what they want, because all they're concerned about is what they want, and devil take the hindmost.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- Pogo wildly misunderestimated just how corrupt and stupid we'd let ourselves get. We're fucking doomed if we keep going in this direction, and believe it or not, it all starts with how we allow our public servants to treat us. They will not stop condescending to us and pushing us around, unless and until we decide to get on our hind legs and be men.


Mitch said...

Things are getting to the point where I'll be relieved if we can get through the next three years without starting a nuclear war.

Bankruptcy. Bolton. Iraq. Afghanistan. We can laugh about all this some day.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother! I've been sayin it for 5 years, at least. We're in the minority. What you personally want means squat until you're back in the majority, then you can start passing laws to permit running over sweet little grandma's on city streets, for all I care. But now, nope, get with the program. And it ain't the rub my belly and fuck me in the ass program, either.

Duckman GR

vonKreedon said...

I am so thrilled that Bush recess appointed Bolton! Bolton shows every indication that he will be trainwreck, both going forward as our Ambassador to the UN and look back at his career as professional dickwad. His strongarming of analysts has the potential to provide the Dems with such a window into the administration's faith based policy making and willingness to bully underlings into supporting such policy. Then there is the potential bonus trainwrecking if Bolton turns out to have been involved in the Plame outing.

Speaking of Plame and Democratic backbone, a couple of things:
1 - I wish that you and others on the left would not be so willing to break out the term traitor. Using it for Rove/Scooter legitimates its more sinister use by the right for their political opponents. We are gathering enough evidence on Rove/Scooter on lying, political dirty tricks, etc. to simply call them liars and cynical political manipulators without reaching for traitor. Don't go there.

2 - You write:
I understand that most of the Democrats, especially the senators, are careerists more concerned with looking over their shoulders and watching their backs than just pressing forward with what's right.

It is not just cynical careerism, the right thing for governing this country would be if the Repubs and Dems, the WH and Congress all worked together for the good of the country. That some moderate Dems, and some moderate Repubs, continue to attempt to do this is all to the good and should be lauded. Any caving to the WH is another thing, but we need to lessen the impact of extremists in our midsts, not disown the moderates. And I really wish someone more clever and slick were DNC Chair instead of Howling Mad Dean. I have yet to see/hear a thing from Dean that I thought was useful and I fear greatly that the opportunity presented by the 2006 midterms will be wasted by insisting on courting the extremists on the left.

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