Sunday, December 11, 2016

Buyer's Remorse

Let the beatdown of the simpletons begin:
A woman who voted for Donald Trump is now regretting her choice after the President-elect chose Steve Mnuchin to be his Secretary of Treasury.

Teena Colebrook explained to the Associated Press that she had voted for Trump hoping he would keep his pledge to remove the elites from Washington. However, she became truly disenchanted when he chose Mnuchin, partly because it showed he’s “now backing his buddies.”

But also because Mnuchin was responsible for the loss of her home and source of income.

Mnuchin used to be an owner of OneWest, a bank formed in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007-08 that acquired the assets of subprime mortgage lender IndyMac. Shortly after acquiring the loans from IndyMac, OneWest began foreclosing on thousands of them.
I am honestly wondering what in Clownstick's extensively covered history made people like Colebrook think he could be trusted to look after their interests. There is literally no point in that history where he looked out for anyone but himself, and more often than not it came at the expense of the peons.

The coal miners are finding out the hard way too, and it is hilarious. These folks are getting exactly what they begged for, good and hard, and this is only the beginning for them. The fucker's not even in office yet and it's getting snapped off in their asses.

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