Saturday, December 17, 2016

Decent Exposure

The Rude Pundit has this one right: it's all well and good that Obama held a press conference yesterday to take a few lame rhetorical jabs at the coup-disguised-as-democratic-transition currently underway. But it will do nothing, it will change nothing.

I don't expect Obama to go nuts and scream or declare martial law or anything. But this is about the fate of the nation, quite possibly the world at large, and at the very least a presidential legacy that Obama worked very hard for. Everything he struggled for, uphill for eight years, all gone, washed away like a sandcastle under the encroaching tide. About the only one of Obama's legislative benchmarks that doesn't seem to interest Clownstick is marriage equality, but with a religious nut like Pence at his side, even that's not safe. Hell, he'd undo it just to be a dick, just because it wasn't his, a hyena killing a pup he didn't sire.

We all like the old norm of Reagan sitting in the Oval Office with Tip O'Neill over a couple tumblers of Scotch, discussing like grown-ass adults where they might reach common ground over some things. The idea was that people could agree to disagree on issues, and still acknowledge the other's humanity and basic decency. That norm is long out the window, well before the Clownstick regime came along, and only a complete fool would still be operating under that old way of thinking.

These people are fucking indecent, proudly so. It is time to address them as such, and not wait and hope that they won't be quite that bad. I'm pretty sure every victim of every serial killer held out that same false hope, right up to the moment that the killer's weapon broke skin, and they watched their lifeblood spill to the floor.

But Obama seems strangely passive, almost complacent, as if he had no agency in affecting events. He probably thinks that if he behaves himself, he can leverage that into having some sort of emeritus counsel to Clownstick and his entourage. This is a problem, and his party shares the same problem. Republicans lose an election, and they immediately get to work and start fucking things up. Democrats lose one and they start acting like a punk on the cell block, trying to figure out what will get their man off most quickly, so as to avoid a beatdown.

Well, fuck that shit. The phrase "better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" may be a cliché, but those things are true by definition, and if they really want any chance at future viability, they had all best unfuck themselves and see the storm(front) approaching. They still think this is some sort of contest of ideas that can be won with logic and reason, but we are apparently in a "post-truth" era where facts no longer have value, and so having a simple, powerful narrative and posture is much more important.

Count on this more than anything: you will know that the Dems have figured this out when their donors start pulling. This is a money game after all, and when the money dries up, the pencil-pushers get the message and change their approach. In the meantime, get ready for Chuck Schumer to assume the position and sell it all down the river, instead of doing what McConnell did from day one and just turning into a fucking doorstop. It's as if the Republicans didn't just spend the last nine months stonewalling the incumbent president's selection for the Supreme Court, just waiting out his term.

Say it again -- these people are fucking indecent, and it is time to stop pretending they can be reasoned with. They cheat and lie and steal, openly and brazenly, and the Dems fire back with their empty bullshit handjob "when they go low we go high" platitudes. Enough with that shit.

There's no shame in saying no, folks; in fact, it's in your own best interest to make that your new favorite word. Fight anything and everything, by any means necessary.

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