Monday, December 26, 2016

The New Political Correctness

Pro-tip for all you academic types out there thinking of making a half-assed joke about whitey: if you include an image of Pepe the Frog or Hitlery in a gas chamber with Clownstick throwing the lever, it'll go over with the Breitbart rage hamsters that much better, or at least confound them while they wait for the dickless scrivener's e-pellet to hit their Skinner box. In the meantime, you can probably count the hours before another public servant in Pig Fuck, West Virginny cracks wise in an email about the simian and or male features of the First Lady. Or better yet, have an armed, explicitly anti-joooo neo-Nazi march in Whitefish, Montana. But yeah, Professor Fuckface's dumb tweet is the problem here. Right.

I hate to poach the slogan of a perfectly respectable strip-mall steakhouse chain, but when it comes to figuring out the operating principles of these whiny freaks, No Rules, Just Right fits about as well as anything else. Theirs is the logic of a four-year-old in sore need of a juice box and a nap. There is no logic or consistency to anything they do or say, they are simply addicted to the rage pellet that legitimizes to them the voices in their heads.

This is in direct alignment with the backlash against "safe spaces" and campus activism that underwrote a great deal of their assumptions and misinformation during the campaign. As Erik Loomis at LGM has posted, they're building a watch-list of professors, checking it twice and all that. We'll see if Drexel has the balls to stand up for their professor or not. I'm thinking they will, but this is the beta phase of testing this tactic; the Breitbart animals, like good marketers, will continue refining and recalibrating, honing their tactics for things like this, looking for episodes of #doubleplusunMAGA behavior to beat the mow-rons over thhir pointy heads with, while the Dummycrats keep re-litigating the election and whinging about Russians infesting their emails.

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