Sunday, December 18, 2016

Over the Edge

Not sure what the hell's going on over at Robb's jernt these days, but the commentary's off-base, and half of the commenters seem to have truckled over from whatever shithead white-power joo-baiting  site serves their insane purposes these days. You have to read it to believe it; these are the sorts of rubes who spout racial slurs at the workplace, whether in anger or in "jokes," and then seriously wonder why no one will hire them after they're summarily fired.

Anyhoo, Robb's contention is that the nascent (and ill-fated, let's face it) Electoral College upset tomorrow would signify the transmogrification of our Jebus' Favrit Nayshun into a banana republic.

Fair enough. I would respond to that by saying that the US is already a banana republic in many respects. Our Gini index is surpassed only by such economic leading lights as Brazil and Mexico. The electoral system is an obscene farce of voter suppression, cheating, stealing, and any number of nefarious shenanigans. The one-percenters make their pelf with an institutionalized set of rackets -- higher education, health care, finance, etc. -- to which all others are forced to submit and participate.

And now a dyspeptic man-baby with the soul of a Latin American caudillo and the ethics of a boll weevil has slithered into office on an ocean of lies and conspiracy theories, and an outdated electoral rule that was designed to give slaveholders an outsized voice in their gubmint. The human centipede of swag-drenched mow-rons who put this fucker in office would no doubt get violent in the event of an elector revolt.

On the other hand, either the Electoral College has a purpose in its role, or it doesn't. If enough of the electors feel -- with, let's say for the sake of argument, some justification -- that they would be turning the largest, most powerful government on the face of the planet, along with the economy, military, policy-making, nuclear codes, and so on over to said dyspeptic man-baby, then what is their role, what is their duty? Are they just supposed to serve as a collective rubber stamp, or do they have some agency in acting as an independent body who, if they perceive a legitimate national emergency in the making, not only have the ability, but the duty to do what they can to avert crisis?

Again, at this point, it really doesn't matter. The outcome is the same either way. The acronym WASF (we are so fucked) is in play here regardless. Clownstick is already pissing off China, unnecessarily so, and plans to stock his cabinet with people who are in complete opposition to the departments they have been selected to lead. To take just one notorious example, selecting Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy is like letting Michael Jackson babysit your kids while you're in Europe for a month.

On the other hand, while flipping the outcome over to Hillary Clinton would at least avert the impending Clownstick disaster, her best outcome in a regular electoral victory would have been instant delegitimization, given Clownstick's thumb-on-the-scale insistence throughout October that the election was rigged in the first place. (Rigged unless he wins, that is, which folds perfectly with the fantasy logic his mouth-breathing dipshit fan club operates on.) The corporate media would have spent every waking moment faithfully transcribing four years of furious midnight tweets from Mister Man. She would have been undermined from the very start.

That's best case scenario. But an EC revolt would, I agree with Robb, almost certainly trigger any number of violent uprisings and domestic terrorism across the country. The nihilist part of me kinda wants to see that -- it's what the hopelessly corrupt political system richly deserves, and it's what a lot of voters deserve as well. This nation needs a fucking enema, and something like that would ensure a big cleanout. But a lot of innocent people would get hurt or killed as well, and it would utterly destroy the economy.

That enema is about to happen anyway, with the incoming regime. Hopefully the Democratic Party takes this opportunity to transform itself into something useful, and responsive to its constituency, which does still exist. The election could and should have been won easily, and an honest reckoning will serve them -- and all of us -- well.


Cirze said...

Dems doing good for those other than the wealthy connected?

Don't hold your breath.

Still feeling the Bern.

Brian M said...

Wow. Some of the commenters there are precious flowers. As if Trump is some kind of epic force for good. :)

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