Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mr. Blue Sky

At its cold mathematical heart, the schism between Clownstick voters and Clownstick haters is that of the red states and the blue states, the takers and the makers, moochers and producers. So for those of us in the godless librul elite states, this could actually work out well.
Red state voters may talk a good game about small government and low taxes, but in reality they are socialist moochers.

Rather than wallowing in the hypocrisy of all this, however, Democrats should see the opportunity here — an opportunity to turn the Republican program to their selfish advantage and create the kind of society where people look out for each other and business interests are not allowed to run roughshod over workers and consumers.

After all, if Republicans cut taxes — in particular, taxes on investment income — then the biggest winners are going to be the residents of Democratic states where incomes, and thus income taxes, are significantly higher. Governors and legislatures in those states — home to roughly half of all Americans — will now have the financial headroom to raise state income and business taxes by as much as the federal government cuts them — and use the additional revenue to replace all the federal services and benefits that Republicans have vowed to cut.


In time, however, blue state Democrats could look forward to the satisfaction of watching Trump's voters stew in their own political juices as Red State America finally frees itself from the evil grip of global elites and big government and turns itself into a low-tax, low-wage, low health paradise where it's every man for himself.

This is what they wanted out there in Real 'murka, since they are the only True Americans and the rest of us are not. And the right thing is for them to get what they voted for -- deregulation of business and environmental practices, no minimum wage or pensions, filthy air and water. Hell, maybe those precious coal jobs will come back after all -- but they'll be $8.00/hr., no benefits, no pension, shit health care, and routine mine collapses and pollution.

In this way we Cali heathens can get back to working on nice things for our own state and citizens, rather than subsidizing a bunch of fucking whiny ingrates. Frankly, the only thing we're not completely self-sufficient on is water, and that can be resolved -- or at least improved, in the midst of a multi-year drought -- with a couple more dams and better water management. Too bad we'll never be real 'murkins.


Brian M said...

I'm dead serious: CALEXIT. Why should we be unequally yoked with the Rill Murkins in Arkansas and Indiana?

Heywood J. said...

We shoulda Calexited 20 years ago.

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