Monday, December 05, 2016

In Other Fake News

Well, at least the mentally ill face some obstacles in getting dangerous weap -- oh, wait, no, they absolutely do not. (Does it even need to be said that if this asshole was black, he'd have been gunned down in the street like a rabid dog?) Guess we'll just wait around and twiddle our thumbs until the next one of these losers actually kills someone because they're too stupid and rage-choked to discern between facts and trolling. You know, like the average Drumpftard.

Coupled with the fact that Michael Flynn, the Russian-bought general selected to head the National Security Agency, and his adult son have been propagators of this "Hillary is running a pedophile ring" bullshit.

If there's one thing you need to keep in mind over the next four years, it's that all of these clowns -- Drumpf, Flynn, Kellyanne Conway, Newt, Rudy -- every single one of them hates you, hates me, hates America and its inhabitants, those who oppose their cheap lies and toxic nonsense. Oh, they talk a good game, but they never tell the truth, they're in complete thrall to the highest bidders, they engage in the rankest of hypocrisies routinely. All of those are things that this country was supposed to stand for. But times, as they say, are changin'.

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