Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season's Beatings

This week in stoooooopid:
In Phoenix, two middle-aged women in the Trump-only focus group said they wouldn’t support him for re-election if he signed away funding for Planned Parenthood. “It’s a deal-breaker,” said an earthy 58-year-old in a plaid work shirt. “It will rob women of basic fundamental rights. I’m talking about female health care, which includes abortion. Which includes birth control. I think birth control is the greatest gift that they gave for womankind.” Added a 44-year-old, if Trump attacked Planned Parenthood, “I’d be pissed off as hell.”

This leads to an obvious question: If these women think defunding Planned Parenthood is a deal-breaker, why did they vote for a candidate who promised to do exactly that? After all, in a September letter addressed to “Pro-Life Leaders,” Trump pledged to strip Planned Parenthood’s federal funding unless it stops performing abortions. But many of the people in the focus groups didn’t know he’d made this assurance, and those who did didn’t take it seriously. It seemed as if Trump’s lasciviousness, which Clinton hoped would disqualify Trump with women, actually worked in his favor. The focus group participants couldn’t imagine that Trump would enact a religious right agenda. “He’s probably paid for a few abortions himself,” said the 58-year-old in Phoenix, eliciting a roomful of laughs.
Durrr....hyuk hyuk hyuk. That shore is funny, I tell ya what. Not as funny as watching these fucktards get exactly what they voted for, but high-larry-us nonetheless. They'll need that brilliant comedic wit to sustain them in the coming months and years, as they reap the whirlwind in so many different ways.

I get that most people are not political junkies, but on the other hand, they're apparently engaged enough to participate in focus groups. Yet they have no earthly idea what ideas and policies are supported or rejected by the candidates they vote for, or the platform of the candidate's party. If only there were media outlets that covered such things, or maybe a universal repository of information accessible to anyone who knows how to use a fucking search engine. How does anyone get motivated enough to cast a vote, yet not motivated enough to learn even basic information about what and whom they're voting for? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Americans like to invoke "the Founding Fathers" in their usual mindless fashion, totems whom the rubes think represent certain ideals and principals that they, the rubes, sincerely believe they also revere and uphold. But the founders of this country -- Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, Paine -- were learned, knowledgeable men who understood that they were in the minority in that regard, that the masses were either functionally illiterate or in thrall to whatever trapping of religious fanaticism came over with the sainted pilgrims. They deeply distrusted the proles, and with good reason.

And they would either be alarmed and disgusted that, despite all our technological ability and access to any and every bit of information ever known to mankind, we continue to fuck up the country that was entrusted to us, or they would be affirmed in their assumptions about giving morons too much power.

As the Clownstick regime and its legion of satanic minions commence with unraveling many of the privileges and rights that a nation of spoiled dipshits have come to take for granted, I plan to watch, take note, think of fools like the ones in these stupid focus groups, and smile, thinking of this song.

You got your fucking feewings validated, and now you get to pay the piper his due. Fucking choke on it.

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