Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Not that a recount in the Rust Belt states was ever going to do any good -- as even overturning the results in favor of HRC would have simply created more (and more serious) problems of legitimacy -- but this is a worthwhile peek into what can charitably be described as a seriously flawed process.

It's easy to see the intrinsic appeal of indulging a lawyerly tactic in order to thwart what is already turning out to be every bit as awful a person as he was a candidate. This fucking guy -- he'll never be my president, probably won't be yours either. But these people -- and worse yet, their base -- are, as we've seen over the past month, sore winners. What sort of losers do you think they'd be, especially if they think it's all been snatched away from them through legal chicanery?

And, in fact, there should be no doubt at all that even if HRC had won the Electoral College by a true landslide, as opposed to the limp-dick mediocre victory that Clownstick and Conway are lamely claiming, there would be protests in the streets, there would be harrumphing from Paul Ryan and Bitch McConnell about how they wouldn't be able to work with her, blah blah blah. These people fucking cheat as a matter of course; it should be no surprise at all that they would also, in the event of a loss, go nuts. The old adage about playing chess with a pigeon holds true with these assholes. They are not to be trusted. Ever. They love money and re-election far more than their country or its people.

Maybe if the gubmint and media spent as much time covering the tragic mechanics of the electoral system as they do worrying about who's paying for what, you might get more logical results.

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