Wednesday, December 14, 2016

N8r B8rs -- 2016 Edition

Lolwut. Jesus H. Christ, people, as ludicrous a person and politician as Jill Stein is, she didn't cost you your sainted fucking election, Neither did Gary "Cheech" Johnson.

Nor, for that matter, did Hillary Clinton. She was a solid candidate with a good message. But there was a brutal confluence of various and nefarious factors, most of them out of the candidate's control. But yeah, maybe visiting Wisconsin even once during the general election might have helped, who knows?

I don't mean to pick on Paul Campos; I like his writing a lot. But I think the linked piece is a forerunner of what's to come, as FVC takes office and makes GWB look like FDR. There will be many bitter recriminations like this along the way, and it will not be pretty.

And so I think it's important not to jerk oneself off and fall into that same trap as the Dems did in 2004. Fucking wake up already and realize that the corporate media represent corporate interests, not the peoples'. They are always going to chase the dollar, and never worry for a second about what's "right" or "useful." They were never on your side, or his. They're on their side, and everything else is incidental. Realize that the Democratic Party itself is little more than a vestigial appendage in many states, at the state and local level, and that there's not much of a bench even at the national level.

Or you can spend the next couple electoral cycles bemoaning the hubris of protest candidates daring to contest the Holy Duopoly, and see what that gets you. How'd all those long, cold years of Thanksralphery go for you?

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