Friday, December 08, 2006

The Blackberry Manifesto

Sorry to dip into celebritainment bullshit, but this just cracked me up. With mad ciphering skillz like that, Lindsay Lohan may just have a future in Congress.

Jesus, kid. Take some of that money you've been raking in and do something marginally constructive with it -- for example, buying a clue, or going to school, or reading a book, or even traveling somewhere that doesn't have have nightclubs and booger sugar. Take a break. Our impressionable chilluns will muddle by without your role modeling, somehow. And hey, you might discover that when they're no longer mean to you, it's because everyone's moved on. Chances are it'll show up in either your paycheck or your script opportunities.

It's a cruel world, dearie, but at least be thankful you have resources most people don't. For now.

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