Sunday, December 10, 2006

Still Haven't Found What I'm Searching For

Apropos of nothing, I thought I'd point out a rather strange little factoid. I check the site meter pretty regularly; while I've learned to temper my stat-whore inclinations, and just not worry about raw numbers so much, I still find myself interested in the geographic locations of visitors.

Or, as the case may be, referrals, especially search engine referrals. I'm guessing off-hand, but I'm pretty sure it's been at least six months since I didn't get at least a couple hits per day from people looking for "Arnold Schwarzenegger gay porn" or some close variant (because of an old top ten list).

What is the deal with you people, anyway? Who's surfing the 'nets for that shit? Just one of life's funny little oddities, I guess.


LA Confidential Pantload said...

I actually didn't come here looking for Arnold Schwarznegger gay porn.

....but I'm sure gonna start now...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign of normal sexual health (if you're gay) to scour the intarwebs for footage of the Terminator wrestling another hunk's yogurt cannon. Not my kind of thing, but whatever.

It's when you look for John Bolton gay porn that you may have to seek professional help. Has that happened yet to your blog?


Heywood J. said...


Sure you didn't. Great handle, btw.


"Yogurt cannon". That's fucking funny. I may use that one if, say, Ted Haggard or Elton John are in the news. Or hell, if I really want to gross people out, Dennis Hastert.

Yeah, I suppose Bolton gay porn would definitely be a telltale sign of a blinds/drapes fetishist. I'm sure there's a site out there that caters to that; I have a healthy imagination and an open mind, but there's some pretty crazy shit out there.