Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cry Me A River

I suppose if I had four sons who all had various appendages in America's pie, and fucking Jeb was by far the smartest and most ethical, I'd probably sob like a fucking schoolgirl too.

Maybe he's really just crying for the spirit of competent (if ineluctably corrupt) center-right internationalist foreign policy that Fredo's spent every waking hour trashing. Maybe he's crying because he actually cares about the fact that it's going to take responsible adults at least a decade (and considerable luck) to undo what Oedipus Tex has done.

Maybe he's just crying because his family's political fortunes have now been cashed in for the time being, and when "P" looks like the leader of their next generation of dynasty clowns, they may have to scuttle back to the cringing corporate subservience they seem to specialize in.

It could be worse; they might have had to end up working for their living. I'm sure Richard Cougar Melloncamp Scaife and his ilk will see to it that doesn't happen. Maybe Pierce Bush can toddle up to the token conservatard chair at the Times; he and Bobo can nerd-wrestle for the top bunk.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey 'Wood,

It was clear to me that GWH Bush was also suffering from the stress of realizing that the debacles caused by his son are ultimately traced to the Bush family's aristocratic ambitions. In other words, the old man is as much to blame for Irag and other evils as the clueless son he foisted upon the world stage. Royalty, aristocracy, and plutocracy always were and always will be bad ideas and we have been forced to suffer through yet more proof of this.

Heywood J. said...


Yeah, there definitely seemed to be a real undercurrent of "what have I done?" to the whole thing. I find it very difficult to believe that someone who has spent their entire life at every level of politics would cry about his son's gubernatorial defeat twelve years ago, especially since he won twice after that.

It only makes sense in the overall context, that Jeb at least wouldn't have lawn-darted the dynasty's political cred, and plunged the US into a prolonged catastrophe.

Then there's the other sons, Neil and Marvin. One's a Moonie-following grifter, the other's just a corporate grifter. Real addition to historical greatness there. Can't blame the old man for wondering once in a while, again, just what he's done to the rest of us with this brood.