Thursday, December 14, 2006


Jesus. Even though Tim Johnson's prognosis looks fair to good, they're already picking over the corpse:

Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) is at George Washington University hospital, recovering from brain surgery.

Meanwhile, Fox News is speculating how the balance of power could shift in the Senate, even if Sen. Johnson survived. Fox’s Steve Doocy said that although “the issue of incapacitation is not spelled out in the state law,” there “would be a precedent of the federal level.”

Another Fox anchor added, “We’ll have to see what happens in terms of what exactly his condition is and who’s going to weigh in on whether it’s an incapacitation or whether that’s just clear from the facts.”

Right. "Incapacitation". Like wheeling Strom Thurmond in for a good 10-12 years after he was about as sentient as the grandfather in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just a glassy-eyed, dribbling sack of flesh, completely incapacitated both physically and mentally.

I dunno. I'm sure their prayers are with Johnson, I'm just not so sure about the specific nature of those prayers. "Please Lord, turn him into a rutabaga so's Dick Cheney can have final say over everything" doesn't count as a "prayer", no matter how hard you squint, or try to couch things in the fascinating terms of succession in South Dakota's state constitution.

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