Monday, December 11, 2006

Top Ten Other Taliban Rules

Psych. I can't really come up with one. It's hard to top the real rules, especially this one:

Rule 19 says that mujahedeen may not take young boys without facial hair onto the battlefield - or into their private quarters, an attempt to stamp out the sexual abuse of young boys, a problem that is widely known in southern Afghanistan but seldom discussed.

Yeah, it sounds like they run a pretty tight ship there. I despise these Taliban bastards, and it's just too bad we couldn't have exterminated the lot of them when we had the chance. They are a metastasizing tumor on a religion, a culture, a society, the planet. They're nothing but thugs and parasites. Hopefully they'll be reincarnated as female teachers. [added per comments -- or congressional pages.]

It would be nice if maybe the douchebags who are keeping these jerkoffs in AK-47's and cell phones would just stop sending them money and recruits, but then, it would be nice if the Taliban didn't actually have to make formal rules about buggering young boys.

Who do they think they are, priests?

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Anonymous said...

What they should all reincarnate as is page boys in the American Congress, when the Republicans retake both Senate and the House, circa 2044 (or am I too optimistic). Muslim eschatology in reverse, as it were -- 72 virgin assholes for every Mark Foley in the GOP.