Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shorter Doughy Pantload

Goldbleg pulls his index finger out of his helpless nostril just long enough to tap out this dribbling jape:

Me: Yes, Americans just love those self-made trial lawyers. As to why Edwards is a moderate, I have no idea.

Because Edwards is a moderate. Only the cultists who swung with the pendulum would figure otherwise. Goldbleg himself seems to think his own brand of pop-culture conservatardism is "moderate". People are frequently like that.

As for trial lawyers, they do actually have to work for a living, stock lawyer jokes aside. If Edwards had been an Enron executive, the Pantload would leap -- well, ooze anyway -- to his defense.

As for one of the poster boys (along with J-Pod) of the adult version of Country Day Prep School talking shit about whether or not someone else is "self-made", aren't you supposed to be working on a book, or did you finally find a low-self-esteem intern to color it for you?

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