Tuesday, November 07, 2006

America Drinks And Goes Home

Well, at least some of the shitbirds are gone -- Weldon, Sherwood, maybe even Felix Macacawitz (Webb's up by 2,726 votes as of this post). Pending the count of the provisional ballots, Allen is almost certainly enough of a jerkoff to force them to drag him out kicking and screaming (as well as spitting, which is apparently his favorite pastime). So mad props to the crackers and hillbillies who made the effort to keep that clown. I'll admit I'm not sure about Webb, but I am sure about Allen, which is enough reason to give Webb a shot.

On the other hand, Kotex Sensenbrenner kept his seat, and Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs in the war (not that it stopped her opponent from lobbing cheap "cut and run" smack) looks narrowly defeated. Way to support your troops, folks.

Fun stuff, if a little exhausting keeping track of it all. I can't really take all the binge-and-purge coverage offered up by the network hacks. Best to let things digest over the rest of the week.

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