Saturday, November 04, 2006

"What's Your Plan?"

You first, Champ. What's yours? Continuing to referee the disntegration of Iraq, watch it complete its descent into failed-state status, then declare victory and leave? Continuing the lies, the mendacity, the selective self-serving interpretation of the Constitution? Continuing to alienate our allies and friends, to paint ourselves into a major financial and diplomatic corner?

Seriously, pal. What's your plan? Staying the course while claiming you're not staying the course? Whatever. These people are liars, fools, charlatans, criminals. They have had six years to get something, anything right, and failed utterly. Even electing people with no plan (even though that's obviously a flat-out lie to begin with) is better than keeping people who have a fatally-flawed strategy, executed ineptly, and refuse to even recognize their errors, much less correct them.

I honestly don't know how Bush manages to sleep at night. This is a despicable, mendacious little man, who needs to be reined in once and for all. That's the plan -- to avert government by signing statement.

Had enough? Then get out and vote. Make it overwhelming; they can't hack or toss all our votes.

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