Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry On

So this is the Republicans' last best shot -- hand-wringing over a squinting interpretation of a John Kerry "joke". Good luck with that; you can almost smell the flop sweat as they desperately try to convince someone other than the willful dupes in the base that Kerry -- admittedly aloof, smug, and poorly-timed right down to the last drop (and still ten times the person and public servant Bush could ever dream about being) -- actually went public with the notion that people in the military are stupid. Too bad for Kerry that he even felt like he had to explain himself, much less had anything to apologize for, but until the Democrats learn to work the refs even remotely as well as the Republicans, it'll have to do.

Five more days of this bullshit, folks. Five more days. And then either we'll have a lame duck preznit ready to be turned into paté, and a lot of mouth-breathers asphyxiating themselves with their uncontrollable sobbing, or we'll know that our national experiment is lamentably done, and perhaps one eye should be turned to real estate values in the Okanagan Valley. I think it'll be the former, but I've learned the hard way never to underestimate some of my countrymen.

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