Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nuts And Boltons

We've all read some crazy shit tumbling from the winger cloaca, but this floater [via Wolcott] is the wingiest I've read in some time:

Silly me. Final developments indicate that the president clearly had no idea what this lame duck senate (our highly touted Republican majority) would do, because it has now been made clear that the Bolton nomination will not get out of committee. Just like it never got out of committee. A committee run by Republicans.


And what can we hope for when it comes to Bolton, one of the very few, good, straight-talking men in Washington? Perhaps the president would like to see him in his cabinet (here I go again projecting logic into what the president might do). Or, as I noted earlier today, perhaps John Bolton is that Republican wild card I've been looking for when it comes to the 08 presidential race. Bolton. Romney. Giuliani. That's a good start at least.

Jesus. Are they all like this? I assumed it was just K. Lo, but apparently this sort of sheer nonsense is contagious.

Forget the snark. Let us try to be serious for one second (studiously ignoring haunting image of Bolton's non-matching blinds/drapes ensemble). The people have spoken, have they not? Yes, they have. And what have the people said, as of last Tuesday? That the current setup is not working. John Bolton is an integral part of that setup, the epitome of their operative dynamic. He is not being nominated because there is no longer even the illusion of political muscle to make it happen. It would be a waste of everyone's time.

Now, it's pretty clear that Tammy and Pammy and K. Lo have nothing but time to waste; however, we like to at least pretend that adults run the country, and not a bunch of fucking clowns who sit around trying play Pin The Second Career On The Santorum. As Wolcott says, this barely qualifies as a political rotisserie league; it's like insisting that Jeff George needs to be on your fantasy football team, forever and always, even though the rest of your league is watching you with a mixture of bemusement and pity.

It's such a sign of desperation that Bolton would even be jokingly mentioned as even a dark horse '08 candidate that it's not worth bothering with. Suffice to say that Gary Bauer has a better shot. As for cabinet member, okay, which department? Rummy has just been replaced by one of Poppy's henchmen, to at least put the illusion of competence on a severely botched job. Nobody else has their head on the block, as far as I know, not that Bolton would be qualified anyway (not that quals have ever been a problem with these people). That Bruce doesn't even bother specifying which cabinet post (as if they were all interchangeable) Bolton might be suited for reinforces how fluffy the whole notion is.

And as for the post he's held, which is now being taken from him? He was so unsuited for it in the first place, they had to give it to him as a recess appointment, under cover of night practically. This should have been a clue.

To return to my original point, the people have decided (at least for now) that bluster, incompetence, and alienating our friends are no longer acceptable. Bolton was part of that policy arm, and as such, he's a goner. He can count caribou shit in Nome for all I care, but he had no business being chief diplomat in the first place, and even Bush knows better than to try to sneak this chump back in the henhouse.

In the meantime, it's pretty damned funny watching these goofballs float their fantasy picks, like there's any political upside for a chronically unpopular administration taking even more unpopular individuals in after overwhelming electoral defeat. They're a couple days from wanting to dig up Spiro Agnew and prop him somewhere inspirational.

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