Saturday, November 04, 2006


I'm actually not putting much stock in this story at face value, but either it's bullshit and Reuters have been gulled into being disingenuous dupes, or worse, it's true, for which there's only one sensible explanation.

HOUSTON (Reuters) - A few weeks ago, Democrats thought they had the dream race in suburban Houston -- no opponent's name on the ballot and the last incumbent, former House Republican leader Tom DeLay, under indictment.

Even though the district had been held by Republicans for years, political analysts predicted an easy win for Democrat Nick Lampson in his party's efforts to take over control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

But with Tuesday's election just days away, Republicans now have high hopes of keeping the seat. A poll taken in late October showed just over a third of the voters planned to cast ballots for Lampson, while an equal amount said they would write in the name of someone else.


"It's still a Republican district. Even harder than selling a write-in, is selling a Democrat in this district," John Zogby, who conducted the poll, told the Houston Chronicle.

Let's see if we have this straight -- their eleven-term douchebag of a congressman finally got caught with his hand in the till, the rest of the Republican party has crumbled amid examples of incompetence and foolishness, indictments and preying on teenage boys -- and these chuckleheads still want to vote for that party?

Spite or ignorance, folks. Take your pick.

The party has backed Sekula-Gibbs, a Houston city councilwoman, as its write-in favourite and supported her with a full-blown campaign that included a visit by President George W. Bush about a week before the election.

Bush urged Republicans at a rally in Sugar Land, Texas, to bring a piece of paper with Sekula-Gibbs' name on it to know the correct spelling so they can write it in on Election Day.

Fortunately, even the NRA and VFW are formally endorsing Lampson, which in this district should be enough to put him over the top. But it's disheartening to realize that there's probably a fairly strong chance that another major factor in helping Lampson win is that people may simply be too lazy and demotivated to be bothered with writing in someone's name.

For once, such traits will accrue toward the good guys, which is something. Still, Tom DeLay must be cackling like the schoolgirl that he is at the mess he's made, and the chumps who'd probably still like to vote for him again.

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