Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fuck Fred Phelps

Continuing their never-ending quest to prove Darwin wrong, Fred Phelps' vile congregation, mostly of his children and their spouses (who are also their siblings and first cousins) protested a high-school graduation in Tracy, CA. Talk about taking on the beast in its own backyard.

Thirteen members of an anti-gay church from Kansas who picketed a high school graduation Saturday were met with about 250 counter-demonstrators, 30 police officers and numerous residents annoyed to see divisive protest in this normally quiet town.

Carrying signs reading, "America is Doomed" and "God Hates Perverts," followers and relatives of the Rev. Fred Phelps traveled about 1,800 miles from Topeka to picket the high school graduation at Tracy High because they were upset that students at a different high school in Tracy gained administrative support for resurrecting their chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Well, there were only 13 of these gibbering pustules, so I suppose that's a good thing. On the other hand, where's the money come from to go around the country pulling these despicable little stunts? Check out the posters in the article photo -- they appear to be professionally made. Who made them? If it was a shop, I think we all oughta know what the name of the shop is, so we can harass them into refusing to do business for these knuckle-dragging assholes. Enough is enough. Anyone having anything to do with these "people" (and I use the term verrry loosely) needs a nice financial slap across the head, by way of a boycott.

As a final testament to just how stupid these retards are, they protested the wrong high school. Can we bump up the death penalty to include inexcusable stupidity?

"We're here to preach to this generation that it's not all right to be gay,'' said Betty Phelps of Topeka, who carried one sign thanking God for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and another denouncing gays. "They need to learn some morals before Judgment Day."

So Ward Churchill is the Antichrist for lamely borrowing some Hannah Arendt for his own polemic, but will the people who lambasted him have anything to say about this treasonous cunt and her traitorous sign? Thanking God for 9/11?!? It's hard to figure where exactly to start -- with the disgusting, spiteful treason inherent in that sentiment, or with the sheer hateful stupidity of it. It literally makes no logical sense at all, not even a little. Take a minute and try to parse it for yourself.

Here's another one you might want to try and figure out the logic of:

"If homosexuality is OK, then so is incest and bestiality," Phelps-Roper said.

I bet anything the intrepid reporter could have stumped her with two simple words: "How so?" These idiots need either to be forced to explain themselves in logical terms so that they can be summarily dismissed as the nutjobs they are, or just skip the question and tell them to go back to marryin' their cousins already. Why they keep getting into the "news" is not exactly a mystery so much as an annoyance.

But some people who drove by or walked past were very offended when one of the anti-gay protesters was seen dragging an American flag along the sidewalk and the dirt along 11th Street outside the high school.

There you have it -- they hate America. I'm not being sarcastic or polemic; they really hate the fact that America and Americans, by and large, are just content to live and let live. They hate that most of us have no interest in regulating or interfering in everyone else's personal life.

Good for the people of Tracy; I'm glad that they at least showed up to tell these morlocks to go back to their caves. It's just too bad that the dragging of the flag through the dirt didn't prove to be the final straw. I know this sounds contrary to the essentially democratic and libertarian ideals I generally espouse, but I am very much in favor of handling truly stupid people as violently as possible. I think these people need a good solid ass-whupping; I sincerely believe the pro-Michael Jackson crowd outside the courthouse needs some common sense truncheoned into their empty heads.

This is one ancillary problem of civilization -- it thwarts nature in its most vital task, that of culling the useless and weak, the pathetic and miserable who are dead weight to the vitality and innovation of a society. I like seeing the occasional deer in my backyard once in a while; if there were 100 deer milling around every day I'd be worried about lyme disease, you know?

But perhaps Nature, in all her wisdom and splendor, will see fit to exact her revenge on the inbred tribe of Fred Phelps in the way that he would find most painful -- an entire generation of gay children and grandchildren in the family for them to "deal" with. Of course, because these are truly evil, despicable people, they'd drive the poor kids to run away and/or kill themselves. But in the O. Henry sense, it would be a measure of poetic justice.


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Anonymous said...

Fred Phelps is actually coming to my little town in canada. Hes now come to protest a highschool play. The Laramie Project. Although hes an asshole, we kinda like him here right now. Hes brought publicity and attention to our little town. Check the Globe and Mail.

Anonymous said...

After the comments this bastard made about the victims of the Australian bushfires I hope he dies a very slow and painful death - he would then surely end up in hell for being such a sick and hateful pile of excrement. Oh yeh I'm Australian!

kernel83 said...

That Phelps... that little bastard is insane. I wish I could believe in hell... that way I'd know that's the place he's going when he dies.

Anonymous said...

Fred Phelps you are a cunt and a cocksucker. You use the name of God to deliever your demonic message. You will truely burn in the lowest circle of Hell. You cum-chunging fuck I hope you choke on a cock and die a slow horrible death. Fuck you Fred Phelps and fuck every single one of your brain washed dumb shit followers. You will be the Devils personal fuck toy in hell, die slow you bitch.

MacPedro said...

I will say I don't necessarily think boycotting businesses that supply their signs is useful. If I owned a print-shop and they came calling I'd happily take their money and print their stuff... but I'd also be first waving my own signs that declared them to be the morons they clearly are.

A fool and his money are easily parted.

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Personally I don't about gay people... actually I don't care about anyone just me, but this is insane... I just don't get it, why exist people like this ? What are they thinking ? It's amazing how the society behaves sometimes...
Thanks for sharing.

AndyKansas said...

i live in topeka and just drove by the Phelps twice and cussed them out hard. Found this blog to tell people who probably wanna do that too!

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