Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself; I'm A Man Of Wealth And Taste

Woe betide the miscreant who dares stroll within reach of James Wolcott's virtual scalpel. Here he carves up a traitor-sniffing warmongering douchebag like a Thanksgiving turkey -- and a real one at that, not some cheap plastic preznit stunt turkey.

In the comments section, a poster notes a similar sentiment kited by the Mephistophelean (my characterization, not the poster's) Daniel Pipes, who used the phrase "education by murder" to describe this brutal awakening. For neocons, the learning curve is an arc of death.

Now we know that the neocon Project for a New American Century said that a "catalyzing event--like a new Pearl Harbor" might be needed to unleash the forces of transformation envisioned by Perle and company, but 9/11 certainly fit the bill. Now we're being told that that wasn't enough, Americans are still too complacent on the couch, and that another 9/11 is needed to piggyback on the first 9/11 and then maybe we'll get serious about terror--"that nothing absent another significant attack on the homeland will wake us from our media induced stupor."

Blogging from the front lines of Laguna Beach, California, van der Leun sounds awfully resigned and so-be-it in consigning imprecise thousands of his fellow countrymen to extinction--he could at least give us a round number of the death toll necessary for the national wakeup call instead of indulging in rhetorical hooga-booga like "Not one body more. Not one body less"--because he's frustrated that most Americans aren't as keen as he is to unleash "all the terrible power that we command." He's projecting a macro tantrum, in other words. Millions of Americans may have fat souls, and the fat bodies to house them, but that's no reason to suggest they deserve to die just because they're dozy.

Yes indeedy. The Fightin' 101st Airborne Keyboard Battalion is pretty damned tough with other folks' lives, always eager to send someone else's kid over to pick off hajis at 50 meters so they don't get turned into VBIED chum. I think if there were any Rumsfelds or Wolfowitzes or Cheneys humping rucksacks around Al Anbar in up-armored troop transports, we'd never hear the end of it.

So what's the deal with jerkoffs like van der Leun, anyway? Were they just born without consciences altogether, or is that they're just content to rent them out for a buck-fifty a word?

Regardless, it's a corollary to one of the most famous phrases of the 9/11 lexicon -- the Islamofascists may indeed hate Americans for their freedom, but assholes like van der Leun hate their fellow Americans who have made the decision to not live like cornered animals, like rats in a sewer, chasing shadows and selectively picking their "imminent threats" based on production capacity and potential profitability, while Pakistan and Saudi Arabia rub our noses in it.

Jesus' General has a more direct proposition to the would-be tough guys in the pajamahadeen, especially those near the usual age of conscription. These future movers and shakers of the corporate cocksuckerocracy no doubt expect their war to be fought by those with "less" to lose; that is, the people who have not been fast-tracked for success by pushy stage parents since they were interviewed for kindergarten.

It's put up or shut up time, ladies, unless you wanna continue pulling a Jonah Goldberg. And I'm sure you do; your trust fund depends on it.


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