Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Poll Smoker

Via Kos is a detailed state-by-state poll tabulating the rising and (mostly) falling fortunes of the preznit and his, um, "policies".

Make of it what you will; I think it bespeaks a very serious failure to communicate between the coastal states and the midwestern states. I find it utterly bizarre that not only is Bush's approval rating 60% in Nebraska, but it went up 2% since last month. I cannot recall the last time any of my conservative friends were able to say what they liked about this administration, without contrasting it (falsely or not) with unnamed "Democrats" and/or "liberals". Some endorsement.

I'm banking that that's the case here with Utah and Alabama and the rest of them; for the life of them they can't say what they like about Bush, but rather compare him favorably with whatever Rush and Sean told them about Dick Durbin.

Feh. Very well then, as long as they're okey-doke when their kids get dragooned into Himself's master plan, which he won't tell us because it's just too super-special.

In the meantime, as high as the highs are (and they are high indeed -- they must be), the lows are far lower. 37% in Schwarzenegger's California -- where Ahnold himself is about to get his ass kicked out the door; 33% in New York; 32% in Vermont. Two out of three Vermonters disapprove of these guys.

Too bad it's too late; they already had their accountability moment. All we can do now is countdown to chimpeachment, and tally up all the last throes, as a resurgent Taliban suddenly start bringing Afghanistan back into the mix, while we're spread thin in Al Anbar.


Craig Heath said...

Ah, but remember that Himself does not pay attention to the polls (snicker) - he just does what is right (mfft, chuckle) without concern for (huah, humpht)...for (heh, heh) what people think. Hes making history (oh, hooo, heheheh), and history-making presidents...(smurphtt, chortle) don't need...need...approval!

(Hahahahha! Ho Ho! Oh God! Cackle, cackle snort! Whoo-wee! Oh, let me catch my breath!)

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, he's pretty special with his resolute resolve and steely-eyed commitment to chimpocracy, ain't he?

I find myself becoming more and more cautiously optimistic, strangely enough. Bush may not have to worry about getting re-elected, but the rest of the Republicans do, and you can bet that right now, the prospect of heading into midterm elections with an unpopular preznit to rally halfway around makes them nervous like whores in church.

They are very seriously facing the prospect of a draft, even if we don't start anything up with Iran or Syria -- Afghanistan is suddenly devolving back into Taliban country, thanks to the thieving, treacherous warlords we turned the country over to, and Iraq is clearly on the path to civil war. So we either cut and run, losing what remaining face we have, or conscript more warm bodies.

Neither is going to play too well, even in flyover country. And for all their moral support, they don't have the funds to "donate", which is what political parties are really after anyway.

The press conference may have been the last straw for a lot of people; Bush essentially laid it out like Richard Pryor's infamous cheating-husband skit: "Who you gonna believe -- me, or your lyin' eyes?"

Couple that with the very real likelihood of $80 a barrel by the end of the year, and that chimpeachment drum may actually find a beat we can all dance to.

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