Saturday, June 25, 2005

Silver Spoons

It seems like a waste of a question, but I guess just the fact that they're asking it says something. The question, of course, being whether any members of George W. Bush's family are or would be serving in the Iraq War or the overall War On Terr. [sic]

McClellan can't even attempt to field a question like this with anything less than his usual evasive weasel-words. I think the question could be even broader -- how many relatives of any of the architects of this screw-up are serving? You'd have known about it by now.

Added bonus: more dogged questioning about Dick Cheney's "last throes" comment. Sweet. This one's gonna hound him to his grave, as well it should. Did they learn nothing from their giant "Mission Accomplished" banner, of the perils of premature triumphalism? Apparently not.


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