Friday, June 10, 2005

You First, Fatboy

Oxycontin Limbaugh gets caught harrumphing out his ample bunghole once again. Imagine that.

Nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh falsely asserted that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) "did not get his Form 180 records released that show his naval records" because the "records that he released only gave his grades from Yale." In fact, Kerry authorized the full release of his military records to The Boston Globe when he signed Standard Form 180, according to the Navy.

Though John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi, co-authors of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (Regnery, August 2004), have responded to the Globe by insisting that the newly released documents do not constitute Kerry's full military record, The New York Sun reported on June 9 that Kerry released his military records from both the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis and the Navy Personnel Command in Millington, Tennessee, citing Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Hernandez, who confirmed the Globe's report that the documents it reviewed are Kerry's "whole record."

Oh, well then clearly the Navy's lying again, because as millions of well-educated, knowledgeable, articulate dittoheads know all too well, Rush Is Never Wrong.

The thing that really sucks about this, like pretty much every lie that falls through this drug-addled shithead's much-abused microphone, is that the truth doesn't matter a lick to his retard fans. They'll assume that rich, well-connected Kerry just leaned on someone at the Navy to cover for him, or some such thing. His America-hating moonbat librul friends up high helped him out once again. Whatever it takes for them to continue believing the laundry list of nonsensical tropes they believe in. They need their wittle pacifier and security blankie, otherwise things would just not make sense for them.

The bell cannot be un-rung. The Big Lie wins again just by showing up. What's more likely -- that this slimmed-down tub of goo retracts his lie and admits that he was wrong, or that he keeps that bet with Mickey Rooney and Larry King, and goes through a few more wives over the next decade?

Either way Rush, howzabout you release your military record? Oh, that's right -- you sat 'nam out because of a boil on your ass (actually a pilonidal cyst, which supposedly are quite excruciating. Let's hope so.), so you don't have a military record. Very well, then. Sit down and shut up, and quit acting like you have any place to judge your betters, you high-handed dumbshit.

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