Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Road To Hell

In Newsweek, of all places, departing Baghdad bureau chief Rod Nordland dispenses with the usual journalistic niceties and tells it like it is. About fucking time someone in the SCLM did, I say.

Nordland is no mushy lefty lib, either (not that there's anything wrong with that); several months ago we linked to a rather caustic online Q&A session in which Nordland quite handily brought the smackdown to both breeds of extremist thinking. He's moderate, no-nonsense, maybe a little bit hawkish (he, like many of us, originally supported the idea, if not the inept postbellum planning, of the invasion). He's been in the midst of it the whole time, so it's not the usual armchair speculation. I assume that since Nordland is damn near unimpeachable as a reliable centrist source, the whole thing will be studiously ignored by the People Who Matter.

The whole article is on the money, so I'm not even going to waste time tempting you with an excerpt. Read the whole damn thing, pretty please, and keep it all in mind next time They talk about corners turning and freedom marching.

[via Atrios]

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