Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Top Ten Republican Euphemisms For Masturbation

10. "catapulting the propaganda"

9. "watching the State of the Union speech"

8. "having a press conference"

7. "shaking hands with Cheney"

6. "limp fristing"

5. "spreading Freedom Sauce™"

4. "touch-screen voting"

3. "turning the corner"

2. "spanking the Hannity"

1. "disassembling"


Anonymous said...

What? No milking the horse?

Donny said...

I just call it "spanking the monkey". No reason to hide it or camouflage it. We all do it. :)

nelly123 said...

20. "right hand blogging"

19. "clearing some brush"

18. "flying solo on Airforce One"

17. "milking the trouser horse"

16. "put the W in wanking"

15. "teasing the baby elephant"

14. "pulling the voting lever"

13. "letting the unborn run free"

12. "choking the cheney"

11. "letting Laura read"

Kimberly said...

"Staying the course"

"Operation Bio Liberation"

"Katrina flooding"

"Milking the press"

"FEMA" (need I say more?)

"Contracting for Haliburton"

"No Sperm Left Behind"

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