Saturday, January 29, 2005

All Your Pundit Are Belong To Us

It appears that Michael McManus and Maggie Gallagher have more in common than just an ability to profit from shilling for this sleazeball administration. They're also bankrolled by a network of conservative think tanks and activist groups. No real surprise there. If you've already checked your "journalistic" ethics at the door, there's pretty much nothing you won't do.

It's not that this is anything new, this intermingling of entertainment, advocacy, flat-out advertisement, and actual journalism. It's just never been quite this blatant, never been quite so in the service of government agitprop. Fake commercials to promote contentious education policies. Government paychecks going to supposedly independent journalists to promote social engineering -- and when push comes to shove, that's exactly what it is, the insistence that married existence is superior to all other forms of life. Marriage is great, being single was fine for different reasons. People can figure this sort of thing out on their own; they don't need Big Nanny Gubmint telling them how to run their fucking lives.

Remember when we used to just say that about those darned liberals? Who's the nosy nanny state now? Do we believe, as a country, in leaving our neighbor the fuck alone to live his life the way he wants to -- gay, straight, single, married -- or not? It's very simple.


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