Thursday, January 27, 2005

Keep The Feith

Stovepiper, raconteur, and incompetent retard Douglas Feith is leaving the Pentagon.

Ah, but don't you fret. The man whom Gen. Tommy Franks once called "the stupidest fucking guy on the face of the planet" won't be leaving till summer, so he'll be around for awhile to smudge a few more policy documents.

Feith would go on working on "big-ticket" issues until he leaves, including the U.S.-declared war on terrorism, the development of a new U.S. global defense posture and the Quadrennial Defense Review, a Pentagon planning tool redone every four years, Ruff said.

Well, that's a relief. He oughta be asking us if we want fries with that, but instead he's deciding the fate of billions of people and trillions of dollars. That makes sense.

I'm sure a nice consultancy gig at Faux News is waiting for Dougie; after all, why worry about the likes of Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher when there's an entire network functioning openly as a propaganda arm?


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