Friday, January 28, 2005

Oy. He Forgot Poland!

Cheney does Auschwitz.

Classy, no? Bad enough that Himself couldn't even be bothered to attend, he had to send the Vice Cock-Knocker to the ceremony. But the VCK couldn't dress formal?

I have little patience for the arcana of diplomatic niceties, but I also understand that everything means something to these people. On the one hand, they are wonks who would rather argue over the shape of the conference table than solve the problem at hand, but let's face it -- Bush sending Cheney was a slap to Polish president Kwasniewski, for having the nerve to pull his troops out of Numbnuts' little "bring 'em on" fiasco. So a solemn ceremony memorializing one of the most disgusting mass crimes in human history becomes a political head-slap.

Hopefully someone in the ball-licker network media has the temerity to duly note this.

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