Friday, January 28, 2005

Coalition Of The Shilling

Okay, let's just ask the fucking question, point-blank: is there anyone -- ANYONE -- in the conservative punditocracy that is not on the fucking payroll of these weasels? Anyone? How many more will be uncovered by Eric Boehlert (apparently the only journalist besides Sy Hersh who takes the occupation seriously) using the FOIA?

Another jerkoff got caught plagiarizing GOP talking points for his "reports". And let's not forget about Chuck Krauthammer and Billy Kristol vetting Bush's Freedy McFreederton inauguration speech, and just happening to neglect to disclose this small fact in their subsequent columnar stroking of their golden calf.

Then there's the Big Kahuna of columnist shills, Robert Novak. A man who at least, once bought, apparently stays bought. Still he has just a few conflicts of interest. Novak's son Alex just happens to be marketing director for loony-right publishing house Regnery. Perhaps you remember their epic last summer, Unfit For Command, in which the Swift Boat Liars trashed an honorable, if somewhat off-putting, man. Bob Novak also just happens to be a trustee of the company that owns Regnery and publishes Novak's inside-the-Beltway letter (for several hundred dollars a year subscription). Lots o' coinkydinks there, Bobby.

For an idea of what sort of chum Eagle and Regnery whip up for the Kool-Aid drinkers, check out their, um, flagship publication, Human Events. They're part of the so-called VRWC, where crackpots like Richard Mellon Scaife pay other crackpots like Sean Hannity to "write" "books" that Scaife apparently lines his attic with to get them on to the bestseller list.

There's just no shortage of these asshole Limbaugh Juniors, willing to hock their souls for....hell, I have no clue. What's your price for lying and selling your country out? I guess we could ask lots of people that question.

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